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Polandine Patti: Episode 3

After the wide-ranging look at COVID releases in Episode 2, we take a step back in Episode 3 to take a look at the films of 2020 that stood out for us.

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01:05 Harsha lists the films she wants to talk about today: Varane Avashyamund, Al Mallu, and Anjaam Pathiraa.

01:10 Katherine’s choices: Varane Avashyamund, Halal Love Story, and Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte.

01:40 Katherine mentions her love for Halal Love Story that was much in evidence in Episode 2, and re-asserts that love by considering it one of her favourite films of 2020.

02:27 Harsha notes that it’s a lovely little film, and counters with her first film choice of the episode, Al Mallu, a film about loyalty and friendship among Malayalees living in the Gulf, with an interesting concept.

10:49 Harsha comments on the use of technology in films to reveal deeper truths about us as people.

11:14 SPOILER (Harsha does note that before she goes on to explain the relevance of a film like Al Mallu).

12:30 Harsha notes that the film touches on the subject of found families, and why you might choose to separate yourself from your family of origin.

13:24 We continue with another of Harsha’s choices, Anjaam Pathiraa, directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas (whose films, especially Ohm Shanthi Oshana, are worth seeking out.)

17:50 Katherine insists we talk about Kunchacko Boban and his career. We both thought he’d never played a cop, but in fact he has — but it’s also true that he plays other characters that are more memorable.

19:10 Harsha raises Munnariyippu as a film to compare this with.

20:25 INDRANS! We both agree his Ripper Ravi is a great character, and recognize Indrans has reached a stage in his career where he makes any movie he’s in just that much better.

26:30 Harsha thinks the female characters deserved a little better in terms of context.

27:45 Katherine felt content enough about the film to want to watch the planned sequel.

28:35 Midhun Manual Thomas should talk to us!

29:50 Katherine brings up her next film, Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte. Katherine mentions it’s probably one of her favourites from 2020, and she found it incredibly funny.

37:15 Harsha raises the point that one of the cast members of the film has had some allegations of sexual harassment raised against him, so be warned if that is something you want to take into account in your film viewing.

39:03 What is it with problematic priests in 2020?

39:25 Varane Avashyamund! We love this film. Did I mention we love this film? We love it. “Pure joy,” as Harsha puts it.

39:40 Nepotism! (We’ll talk about that more in a future episode, but Katherine touches on Dulquer and the people he chooses to involve in his productions).

40:45 Harsha notes that in a different industry there might have been a lot more meta moments in the film.


44:30 Also, Suresh Gopi, as Harsha says, playing to type and against type.

45:16 Fish versus Doberman for anger management pet?!

45:50 How enjoyable is it to see a mature couple on screen? So enjoyable.

46:50 It’s also refreshing to see a single mother who is a woman on her own journey independent of her child.

48:04 URVASHI! We also love Urvashi, and she’s a good addition to this cast — she’s a doting mom, but she has her own career, and she also recognizes that Nikki would be unhappy with her son.

49:50 “Urvashi is not on screen that much, but we get so much insight into her as a person.” Harsha sums it up beautifully.

52;30 Found families in the apartment complex. The film makes Katherine wish she could live in this complex and know these people.

53:30 Harsha notes the film has a great sense of place.

54:30 Katherine notes she feels for actors who need to play characters where a second language they don’t know is integral to the character.

56:04 We wish Shobhana would dub for herself! But Harsha notes that Bhagyalakshmi’s voice is so associated with Shobhana on screen.

57:40 K.P.A.C Lalitha’s character is so interesting, especially how she ended up in Chennai. The film is refreshing for the agency it gives the older women.

59:50 It’s great that some actors are finally starting to play their age!

1:03:48 We begin to wrap up, noting that our next set of episodes will focus on city life.

10:03:20 Our bottom line: Everyone should watch Varane Avashyamund!

1:05:08 Our film choices for city life, in case you’d like to make sure you watch before listening: Helen, Bangalore Days, and Vedivazhipadu

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